We are a collective of purpose-driven producers invested in creating events, experiences and content that embrace a diverse and emergent future.



JUMPLINE Group is a global team of creative, mission-driven agencies. With an entrepreneurial and collaborative approach, we create new sources of value through storytelling, experiences and partnerships that enable positive change and build resilient futures for our clients. 

Since our inception in 2002, we have aspired to challenge and create from a place of deep intention – going to the farthest edges to discover unexplored possibilities and inspiration that lead to significant ideas. Entrusted to develop, connect and communicate diverse visions and voices, JUMPLINE Group has successfully collaborated with some the world’s most interesting emerging and established iconic brands.


  • Events
  • Branded experiential
  • Multi-channel content production
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Sustainability


JUMPLINE Group’s global agency network – across experiences, content and partnership disciplines.

JUMPLINE; creators of events and experiences that ignite ideas, connections and action.

BEHIND THE LINE; storytellers amplifying original voices and visions.





JL Pomeroy is an entrepreneur, media executive, producer, and super-connector. Her passion for connecting people and orchestrating strategic partnerships to drive transformative change has been the through-line of her career.

JL is the Founder of JUMPLINE Group and serves as its Executive Chairman. She is the co-founder of bridgeLine media, a new venture she created to connect impact investors with purpose-driven media companies. She is also the CEO of Husseini Group where she leads investments into innovative companies in cleantech, health and wellness, and socially conscious media, recognizing the role private capital can play in shaping our collective future.

Prior to her current roles, Pomeroy served as Chief Chief Marketing Officer of IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX). Earlier, she founded and led BEHIND THE LINE Media within the JUMPLINE Group network, where she continues to executive produce film projects.

Pomeroy advocates for organizations that support gender equality, climate, and social justice. She is a board member emeritus of Step Up Women’s Network, an active member of Visionary Women and the WIE Suite, and sits on the Guggenheim Technology & Innovation Council in New York.



Asking why not when others ask why is a part of our DNA. We consider ourselves alchemists. Blending insight with imagination, deep knowledge with experimentation – our willingness to challenge our creativity has not only helped us evolve over the past two decades, but has reinforced how powerful collaboration can be. 

This significant moment for our planet requires a collective effort, a momentous coming together of minds across multiple disciplines to solve problems faced by the planet and people. 

Using our inquisitiveness and heritage of storytelling combining diverse voices and visions, we are carving out a regenerative future. To do this, we are collaborating with others who share our vision and sense of urgency.


Aspiration is a leading platform to help people and businesses put automated sustainable impact into their hands and integrate it into their daily lives. Aspiration has  earned the trust of its more than 5 million members by helping them spend, save, shop, and invest to both “Do Well” and “Do Good.”

Voted as one of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company and a certified B  Corp., Aspiration has used its decades of collective sustainability strategy and execution experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes to help businesses accelerate and achieve their climate goals with their world-class carbon removal program.